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This report of the behavior of herring gulls is based on extensive field observation at gulleries and on experiments performed in the field. Chapters of Part I describe behavior patterns and sensitivity of the birds. Parts 2 to 5 totaling 20 chapters deal with: Settling down in the colony, fighting, and territory; Pair formation and pairing; Incubation; Family life, i.e. the behavior of chicks. After pairing these birds are monogamous, they protect a nesting territory, and they share the incubation of the eggs. Evidences of "sign stimuli" as basis of recognition are presented. Field experiments of egg recognition by adult birds, and the chicks' reaction to the parents' bill and to imitations are reported. Comparative data for other birds and animals are given. 6-page bibliography. Illustrations.

And then all of a sudden, noise.

Johnny dropped the book, it's sound as it hit the ground adding the barest to the others. He had strayed a bit farther, distracted by the rows and rows of books around and with the light barely straining he had immersed himself into one report.

That was a mistake, and Johnny's heart sank the moment he realized.

Despite the fear laming him, Johnny managed to break free and make a run for it. He dashed towards where Dorothy and Penny and Raina were but when she saw them he stopped again.

He wasn't able to utter a word.

She was scary.

Raina, that is.
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