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All it took was a single instant for everything to fall apart.

Penelope screeched as the knife hit her leg, and screeched louder still as it so violently exited her flesh.

She stumbled backwards, reeling from the pain, not truly comprehending what had just happened until she hit the ground, not far away from where her boyfriend's body lay.

Penelope's ears rang as she tried to make sense of the scene. Dorothy was on the floor too. Raina was screaming her head off. The metallic stench of her own blood clung to her nostrils as it poured from her leg and onto the floor below. Spots danced across her vision as she felt her grip on consciousness weaken from exposure to her worst fear. Tears welled up in her eyes in response to the horrifying, burning pain that emanated from the wound. She glanced at her leg again, only to cover her face with her hands and tremble violently.

The glimpse she had caught of the injury that had been inflicted upon her had been more than enough to understand the damage that had been done. Flesh had been violently rend asunder, tears in the muscle leaving sinew and bone visible for all the world to see, blood gushing out of the wound as if a dam holding back her insides had been demolished in an instant. She had been hurt before, gotten her fair share of cuts and bruises, dealt with the pain of getting her piercings, but nothing could compare to what she was going through now.

She closed her eyes in an effort to block out the horror before her, to keep the usual reaction she had to her blood phobia at bay, to keep herself conscious for a little while longer. Her mind raced, trying to think up any solutions to the situation she now found herself in, all the while she did her best to ignore the feeling of warm liquid running down and pooling underneath her thighs. Panic was quickly setting in, and Penelope soon found herself hyperventilating and sobbing at full force, unable to cope with the sudden stress of what had just happened to her.

"Please..!" She cried out, as she returned to the reality of what was happening. She couldn't allow any more violence to occur, especially from someone with unsullied hands like Raina. "Nobody hurt anyone else! Nobody else needs to get hurt!"
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