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Clarice looked up as she heard the splashing of feet. It was, thankfully, someone friendly. She knew Nate from theatre. She didn’t feel like she’d heard his name over the announcements this last… eight days? Nine days? Nate had been pretty chill back at school… did that still mean anything? Nancy hadn’t been a crackpot back then, either.

Clarice uncovered her mouth. “Hey, N—“ She stopped as she felt something rise in her throat again, shutting her mouth tightly for a moment before continuing. “Hi. I’m… just fucking peachy, I guess.”

She stared Nate down for a second before shrugging and gesturing at the room, trying to ignore the smell.

“I guess if you’re chatting you’re not here to shoot me or anything. Sit on a tub or you’ll get trench foot. Uhhh, how are you holding up?”

Clarice wondered if food would make how her stomach was seething better or worse. She ended up deciding, as with so many other things, ‘fuck it.’ She fiddled with her bag, retrieving one of the ration bars. Anything to get the taste of the tub water out of her mouth.

“Better stay further back, though. I… may puke on you.”
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