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(( Jonathan Gulley continued from The Ones You Trust))

Jon, hadn't really slept at all again. He promised Brendan he'd stay and guard for the night. He may have dozed off while he was out there, but he wouldn't have known, if he did dream, he was dreaming about guarding the doors. Jon wondered if it was him sleeping with his eye open. Either way, earlier in the morning he decided to go to bed himself, nobody was coming in the night, so he was certain nobody would be coming around the time everyone was still waking up.

Jon was back at the Desert Plains Skate Park. He was just finishing up at the half pipe, rolling along the sidewalk towards a nearby bench to take a break. It was a nice day, not too many clouds, just another weekend, school wouldn't start until tomorrow. Jon sat down, his foot sliding the board back and forth. He stared at it, the thoughts of what he was going to do after school was over filled his head. It was kind of scary to be honest, he had no idea what he really wanted to do, hell, he wasn't sure if anyone at Cochise knew what they wanted. Jon was relieved to hear a familiar voice call out to him in the distance. Then a second one.


"Ayyyyy! Ey, Jon!"

Jon looked up and saw Michael and Darius walking up towards him. Michael spoke up first. "Ey, it aight if we sit here with you?"

Jon replied; "I don't really see why not... How's things been with you guys?"

Darius spoke up, grinning. "Well, everything was going fine until Brendan decided to mess everything up." Jon stared at Darius for a moment, wondering what Brendan of all people could have managed.

"You know what he did?"

Jon just had to ask. This was going to be interesting. "Yeah?"

Michael interrupted Darius before he could speak; "That motherfucker forgot to say hi!" Darius only replied with a little nod and a 'mhm'. "We were all friendly to him and everything, and he tried to ignore us." "Yeah, what a douchebag!" "Michael set him straight though-"

Jon stopped at the last line, looking towards Michael disapprovingly. "You didn't... hurt him did you?"

"Woah, woah, naah, naah man, I just spooked the guy a little. Was honestly bustin' his balls, man!"

"Alright." Jon shook his head disapprovingly. He didn't get the dumb shit Michael did. The macho bullcrap didn't really impress anyone.

Michael seemed to have gotten the hint that he may have gotten a little on Jon's bad side. He changed the subject. "So uhh, I gotta few quarters in my pocket, anyone want anything from the vending machine over there?" Jon was feeling kind of thirsty, to be honest. "Yeah, I'll take a coke or something." Darius requested some Lays. Michael had almost taken offense to that based on the way he spoke. "Lays!? Motherfucker you got all the options of the fuckin' snack kingdom, and you pick Lays? Man, the fuck's wrong with you..."

He still walked off to go get them however. That left Jon and Darius to talk about things. "So... outside of that, anything else happen?" "Naah, not really, we laughed at a fat kid trying to skate, and talked about Junko's party." Jon shook his head. "I'm surprised you even remembered it, you were hammered!" "Well, I didn't! I just remembered it sucked... Anyways, the main thing about it we were talking about was... weeelll..." Darius looked back between Jon and Michael. "Well, the abridged story is he's hoping to get back together with you." Jon nodded, looking at the ground, there was a grin forming on his face. "Oh..."

"The unabridged story however...." Darius said that louder than normal, as if he was intentionally trying to get Michael's attention. Michael barked back; "Ay! No!" Darius moved his hands through his own hair, pulling his bangs over his eye, then grabbing the sides of his hair, pointing it upwards. He'd then raise his eyebrows and squint, curling his lips into a weird smirk scowl combo. With the effort he was going into to mimic Mike, Jon knew this was going to be good.

Darius started, doing a pretty good impersonation of Michael's accent. "Aaaanyways!" "No! Stop you fuck!" "I kinda felt like shit about bailing on Jon like that, I mean, I fuckin' love him right?" "Darius, you cut that shit out right now!" "I mean, I was hoping, y'know, that we'd get back together or something..." "I will beat your motherfuckin' ass if you say what I think you're gonna-" "Like maybe, I could take him to the theater again, or Vacanti's or somethin'." "Dee! Seriously man!" " I don't know man, I just wanna be with him, hell call me weird, but..." "Dee no!" "I kinda wanna lick his scaaaaaar!" Jon felt himself blush at the last line.

Jon started giggling as Michael had reappeared from practically nowhere, throttling Darius with a headlock. Darius gagged through Michael's arm, jokingly trying to warn him. "He-ack- wants to lick your face scar Jon! Don't let him-urk- do it! That's one of the two ways he -uwak- sucks out your soul! I can't say the other way for the sake of any chi-hnng-ldren listening!"

"You fuckin' cock-snot, I should beat your ass with your own crusty body pillow you fuckin' snitch! Gaaah!" Michael turned away from the two, moving his heads through his hair. "Damnit Dee, that's the last time I'm tellin' you shit!" He calmed down almost instantly after. "Damn, man..." He turned around, handing Jon his drink, deliberately avoiding eye contact, his face bright red. When he went over to give Darius his chips, he slapped his hands together and popped the bag over Darius' head, getting crumbs all over him. "There's your fuckin' chips, fatboy." He walked back around, popping the tab open on the sprite he got for himself. He'd only gotten two gulps from it before Darius lurched up and pushed the can up, causing a portion of it to spill out on Mike. "Ah you fuck! Damn!"

Jon wasn't worried of an altercation happening between the two, they did this shit all the time. Even so, he was still more focused on what Michael had said, barring the last... uhhhh, yeah. That part. Michael sat by Jon, trying to wipe the Sprite from his biker's jacket. "Anyways... since I don't really got a choice, now... Yeah. I was... I was kind of hoping to talk to you about that. Well, not all of it, well, maybe that other part too, I don't know, like, maybe not, unless, like, y'know, you're into that sort of thing or anything."

Jon shook his head smiling. God he's such a damn dork. "Yeah... We can get back together, I told you that back at the party, remember?" Michael stared down at the ground, a mixture of relief and embarrassment glued to his face. "But... You're gonna have to work on you're attitude if you want to lick me." Jon's grin turned more smug. The predator had become the prey for once, and to be honest, it was pretty funny. "You can lick my scar all you want if you quit being a dick to people."

Darius roared in laughter behind Jon. Jon decided to play for double points that day. "Except him, do what you want with Darius." Michael was standing up now, and Darius quit laughing. Michael sat back down again, laughing a bit himself. He was about to say something else before an intercom interrupted them.

The voice sounded familiar, marking off names from Cochise. Jon heard Jaime, and Brendan, before Darius spoke up. "Anyways Jon, what's the deal with you and Brendan anyways? Why are you all buddy buddy with him even though he got us killed?"

Jon turned his head and couldn't believe what he was looking at. Half of Darius' face was missing, and he was still there, talking like nothing happened. "We could've got a good plan going if he didn't puss out and kill Jerry like that. Then you trusted him again, and where'd that get you? Hell, he couldn't even kill you when you asked for it, and he made you a murderer, what's with you Jon? Why are you hanging with him?"

"Ey, Dee... Shut the fuck up man. I got myself killed, and you got your dumbass killed too, man."

Jon turned back around, and saw that Michael was similarly mangled. His mouth was ripped open, and there was a large gash in the side of his throat.

"Brendan fucked up with what he did to Jerry, but at least he tried to stay with Jon, that's more than what you or I did."

"Yeah, but you wouldn't have went all gung-ho murderboner of justice if it weren't for what happened to Jerry, and I wouldn't have gotten split up from the group if Brendan didn't fuck up so bad."

"Yo, newsflash, I was already helping him try to kill someone, remember?"

"Still, if Jon's gonna hang out with Brendan like that, then I guess he's still responsible for what happened to me. If he really cared about you, he'd try to avenge you."

"Dee, he fucking did. He nearly gotten killed for it, twice!"

"Well, he shoulda' gone all the way if he wanted to see you again!"

Jon couldn't take it anymore, he got up and ran away. Behind him, he heard the two still arguing.

"Dee, you fucking idiot, you see what you did?!"

"What? He can't face the facts?"

"Man, fuck you... Jon! Jon wait up!"

Jon ran behind the half pipe. He buried his hands in his face, sobbing. They were still dead, and nothing could change it. He'd never see them again as they once were, they'd never have a chance to grow up, to live. They were all doomed.

Footsteps turned the corner. Jon felt arms wrap around him. Jon sobbed harder.

"Jon... It's okay. It's okay, it's not your fault... Jon, look at me. Look at me..."

Jon's eyes moved up. He was afraid of what he'd see.

Michael wasn't mangled anymore. He looked as he had before he was on the island.

"Jon... I'm sorry I can't be here for you, but... you're strong Jon. After everything that's happened, you've tried to do the right thing again. You've tried to change yourself for the better. Fuck it, if you can give Brendan another chance, you should at least give yourself one."

"But, we're all gonna be dead anyways. I don't want to make it to the end, I don't want to be the only one who goes home... There's nothing left for me."

"Maybe, yeah. But then again, there could be someone who has something left. Someone who hasn't hurt so many people to make it to the end. You could help them... Or... Maybe you could... try and make sure this never fuckin' happens again... I don't know... Listen Jon... Just because you think you're destined to die, doesn't mean you're destined to die a bad person. Something's been keeping you alive. Just... shit man, just try to hold out for just a bit longer. You've got all the time in the world to see us again. There's so much you could still do, and I'd hate to see you throw it away, Jon."

There was a feint knocking in the distance.

"Don't leave me..."

"Jon... I promise you, I won't."

Jon's eye opened. He was back on the island. His head still throbbed. He was still alone.

"H....Hey, Jon? C-Can we talk...?"

Wait, no... He wasn't alone. Not anymore at least. Jon took a moment to think about the dream he had. He saw what could be considered normalcy taken away from him again and again. The second part was right though. Michael was right. He had some sort of purpose, and he had to make the best of things. It wasn't going to be good ever again for him, but he could at least make it better for someone else.

"Y-yeah... Come in."

He had all the time in the world after all.
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