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Even though Dorothy asked a question, she didn’t bother to listen. She just wanted to fill space. To hear something else than the buzzing her ears even though her voice hurt her head a bit, something to dull the pain and her feelings.
Then, two words – three if you didn’t consider the hyphen - struck her:

Min-jae Parker.

Min-jae Parker.

Min-jae Parker.

Min-jae Parker.

"Ha, ha."

She was laughing but her eyes glared at the offending girl. Dorothy was breathing heavily She was in arm’s reach. She could just strangle her right there. That name, she hated it. She hated how she pronounced it, how the "Min" and the "jae" were combined with a dash. The "Parker" just made it worse. An ugly first name and a disgusting last name combined together. Her chest was raising and lowering quickly while she stared the girl down.

"Eh, eh... keh."

Her soft laughter echoed in the room. She really did that, mentioning Min-jae Parker to her. She really did that, she dared to pronounce his name in front of her after what he has done to her. He hit her so hard that even the stars in her vision got stars in their eyes. She tried to imagine a tiny stars seeing other stars seeing other stars seeing other stars seeing others stars seeing other-

Her laughter stopped and her mouth opened slowly, baring her fangs at Penelope.

Maybe she should have listened to people when they talked. Perhaps she should learn to walk away from situation like this. Not losing her cool and staying away from what the emotions told her to do. Instead, she did what she always did. Her lips ripped apart as she opened her mouth and screamed. Her lips were probably not shredded but it felt like it, and that was the only thing that mattered.

"Die, you pig!"

She miscalculated her lunge. Penelope seemed to have noticed her mistake and stepped backward. This would have been funny, probably comic relief in a TV show. How the attacker tripped before actually attacking the person she was attacking. But the knife she was holding was telling another story.

It landed straight into Penelope's thigh. Dot targeted the girl’s chest but as Penelope moved backward, her legs were hit instead.

She instinctively jumped back after stabbing Penelope. She wasn't a problem anymore. She wouldn't say his name. Yeah, she wouldn't say his name and taunt her again. She learned her lesson and would shut her mouth and never, ever taunt Dorothy again. Her left hand raised to her glasses, holding her glasses straight to see her opponent in front of her. Her right hand still had her knife and started to point the second girl.


She snarled.

“Don’t fucking move.”
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