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[[Fiyori Senay, continued from Ye Not]]

The implications were troubling.

With the death of Olivia by Fiyori's very own hands, she had become just as Isabel. Once, Fiyori swore death on Isabel Ramirez for killing her dear friends. She had executed her vow successfully, and with a just might. Now, she would have become the target of Enzo and Coleen - and Fiyori would be the rightful target of their weapons.

She was to be hated, and the world was finally whole again.

An inexplicable feeling, but that was how it was. Still, there were a few other things Fiyori had considered briefly but intensely. The irony of the island had of course not escaped her. Here she was, a girl of 18 years - who for all her life had yearned for death and an escape from the world. And here she was, a girl whom had despite all odds survived into the... what

...top thirty? Jeez.

Either way, with killing Olivia she'd become a monster. Shock had formed within her - a sense of regret to it, and combined with her suicidal self, she should've been pierced by Coleen's spear right then and there. And yet when the perfect time for her death appeared, a death which would fulfill her desire and gave her redemption, she rejected it.

The implications weren't so bad, now that Fiyori mulled it over a bit.

Either way, she looked at Keith going on and on a few rows in front of her. She had not noticed him for a while, to be fair, but that was true of him as well. Poor guy looked like he'd fall of his bones if a mouse were to sneeze at him.

So obviously, Fiyori started banging against the wood of the banks.
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