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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Caedyn. Just shut up. Please?

What Kay was saying did not make Jasmine feel any better. Actually, it was becoming difficult for her to feel much of anything. She wanted to stay, she knew that, but there was very little emotion put behind that. Jasmine was always pretty shitty at putting her thoughts into words, much less emoting.

"Kay. You're... Y-You're amazing. I love you."

"Oh please."

Jasmine looked up. Caitlyn stood over prone corpse with her hands on her hips. She tapped the end of her foot against the tiled floor. Caitlyn looked over her shoulder, into an open doorway. It was pitch black in the room beyond its threshold.

"You should have listened to me, " Caitlyn said, "but you didn't. You refused, you went with your heart instead of your head and look at where you're at now. Getting all sentimental. Now come on; you've got no choices, where you're going."

Hey, was that door even there when Jasmine first rounded the corner? Ugh. Jazz could not care less. She drooped in Caedyn's arms, tears soiling down the sides of her face.

"If you go home, could you... give my parents a hug?"

Was that a joke? The serious look that crossed Jasmine's face as she said it gave the impression that, no, it wasn't a joke. She meant it.

It is uncertain whether Jasmine Reed was alive long enough to hear Caedyn's response. Only Caedyn Miller would know the answer to that.


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