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Brendan should have seen that answer coming. Definitely the worst time for him to say those words to her. He was trying not to feel more self-hating. It wasn't Alba's fault that he was such a screw up. It was his fault. He wondered if he could ever change her mind about him. Why did it hurt so much? He had to get out of this room. Get Jon and then they could do whatever they were going to do next.

"....S-Sorry, I'm sorry. I put you on the spot there, Alba. I shouldn't have said anything. I.... Sorry." He was trying not to choke up and he moved his gaze towards the door. "....I.... I'll go and get... get Jon...."

He moved towards the door and felt himself stop beside Alba for just a few seconds. He couldn't look at her. He felt like he wasn't allowed to now. He wanted to stroke her cheek. But he didn't. He was going to regret his words to her forever.

"....I can't make anyone happy. I'm sorry, Alba...."

He then walked out of the room and headed to Jon's room, feeling the tears rolling down his cheeks. He couldn't stop them. He couldn't do anything about it. He was always going to be a crybaby. He stopped outside Jon's door and he knocked on the door. Then he leaned against the wall, sniffing a little.

"H....Hey, Jon? C-Can we talk...?"
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