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Brendan had a heavy heart about Jon right now. The announcement would possibly make Jon less trustful of him again. He wondered if things were going to be okay. Possibly not. But he had to keep positive. This was no time for him to be down. He was supposed to be in control of himself. At least Alba was here to keep him on his toes. He had to be there for Jon this time. He couldn't run away from his responsibility. Not anymore.

Brendan shook his head and managed this time to actually get himself up to his feet without getting another dizzy spell. "No, not yet. I think we should let him rest for a while longer." He paused briefly. "Although, the announcement.... Maxim and Fiyori...."

He went silent and looked down at the ground. He wanted to block their names out of his mind but he couldn't deny the truth. Maxim had killed someone. Fiyori had killed again. He didn't know what to feel about either of them. He didn't know which one hurt more. Just hearing two of his friends, one being his former crush, just shattered his heart deeper.

"Alba, do you think I can really be a good person? I don't want to be a despicable murderer anymore. I want to be someone you can be proud of. I want to help you and Jon get to the end of this. Even if I end up...." He trailed off, looking back up at her. "....You know."

Brendan had to say it. He didn't do why. It was driving him crazy. It was strange. He had grown closer to Alba in a way. He wasn't sure what feelings he had towards her. Maybe it was love. Maybe he finally found his own true love. Even if it was in the worst situation possible. Maybe he was losing his mind. He didn't care. He had to say it.

"I know that I am going to sound like I'm delirious for saying this but.... I want to be the guy that you can be in love with because I.... I'm in love with you, Alba."

There. He said it. Did he really just confess like that? What was Alba going to think? He was actually scared of what she would say back.

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