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"I uh... um..."

Penelope was taken aback by the forwardness of that question. It was a logical question to ask, considering the circumstances, but it still struck her the wrong way. She pondered whether or not she should actually answer; she knew the answer–it was that bastard Min-jae–but she couldn't shake the feeling that she was somehow disrespecting her boyfriend's memory by blabbing to anyone who asked about the man who brutally murdered him.

"He..." She paused, and looked back at the corpse. The injuries that Sam had sustained before he had died were incredibly brutal, especially given how sweet and harmless he was. Nobody but a complete psychopath would be able to beat someone who would have never tried to hurt them to an actual pulp like that. Perhaps it would be for the best if she told Dorothy the name of her boyfriend's murderer; perhaps it would let her know to keep away if they ever crossed paths.

She turned her gaze back towards Dorothy, choosing her words carefully. "He was murdered by a man named 'Min-jae Parker'. Who that actually is I have no idea... but I know that anyone who hurt Sam had to be some sort of psychopath. If we ever crossed paths then... I dunno... I'd kick him in the dick or something. Frankly he deserves worse for what he did, he should probably rot in jail for the rest of his life... but I'm not a vigilante. I wouldn't be able to really hurt him..."
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