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Can you hear me?
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For a few minutes, images once again flickered behind her eyelids.

It was the bird, still alive. Its black and white feathers shimmered in the fire, as it looked at her with those dark eyes. It made no noise, only stared at Emma. Emma stared back.

There were crunching noises, like footsteps in sand.

Emma’s eyes snapped open. In the slowly dimming light, she saw an afterimage of a person, that flicked away the second she moved her head towards it. She looked the other way, the direction the footsteps were coming from. She froze for a moment once she recognized who it was. Emma had been on the school orchestra with Alessio, and he was generally a quiet person. That wasn’t important, though. What was important was that Alessio had been on the announcements. Multiple times. He’d killed a girl with a bag. He’d shot Kizi. He’d killed someone with a pickaxe. Maybe more “someones.”

Point was, Alessio wasn’t good news. Emma’s right hand landed on top of the sword’s hilt. It wasn’t rocket science to know that you wouldn’t want someone like Alessio nearby. Deep breath. What should you do in a situation like this?

Then Alessio did the last thing she expected: cry out in disgust. Emma flinched. Why that reaction? She got her answer a few seconds later.


That was her only response to that. Just a “what.”

It looked like Alessio was grossed out by the bird? He’d come over to yell at her over it, as if it was the most disgusting thing imaginable. Didn’t he kill several people? Then he told her to leave, as if she was the one who walked in on him. She took another breath. Her fatigued mind tried to come up with solutions.

She could make it clear that she had a weapon, which would make killing her trickier. Sure, it was a heavy weapon, but still a weapon. She could throw a rock at him. She could use the fire to get him away. Heck, she could even throw the bird at him. It’d be wasting food, but at least he’d leave. Or, she’d have enough time to run away if he was dangerous. One more breath. Then:

“Alessio. What are you doing here?”

Emma had tried her best to sound friendly. And yet, an undercurrent of lowness came to her voice. She knew that Alessio wasn’t going to give her any mercy. Heck, she saw a gun in his hands. He too had a weapon, and he could shoot her in a second.

She straightened up a bit, and tried to keep the fear off her face. She must have looked vulnerable, alone and clearly tired like this. She didn’t want to give that impression, even if there was truth to that. If things escalated, she should leave like he asked. There was no use sticking around danger.

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