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Brendan pulled a face of disgust as he chewed on the bar and swallowed it down his throat. They really did taste so horrible. But it was still something to eat. So he couldn't even complain about it. He took out a water bottle, took off the lid and he took a few small sips of it. It helped a little to clear his sore throat slightly.

He let out a coughing sound and tried his best to hold back anymore. He wondered if he could rest for a while longer. Alba and Jon wouldn't mind, right? His hand gripped on the bottle a bit. No, he couldn't afford to laze for even one second. If he wanted to make Alba more proud of him, he had to try harder for both her and Jon.

He could hear footsteps outside his room and then he heard the person knocking. His head whipped upwards as he heard Alba's voice and he automatically felt himself smile. Alba was the one that he really needed to talk to right now. He didn't want to bother Jon right now. He felt closer to Alba and he still wanted to make sure that everything was going to be okay between him and her. He didn't want to let her down again. Not after Jaime.....

He put the bottle down onto the ground and then he put the half-eaten bar back into his bag. He stood up from the bed and his vision got dizzy for a few moments. He really wasn't doing so well. He was still smiling, but the smile was more weak now.

"S-Sure..... You can come in, Alba." He called out to her, staying right beside the bed and he rubbed his hand over his arm awkwardly. "I couldn't sleep anyway...."
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