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Penelope blinked, not knowing how exactly to react to the sudden visitor having caught her in a tender moment.

She wracked her brain for the visitor's name. She had seen the girl around Cochise, but she didn't think that they had ever actually talked. Penelope let go of Raina and stood up, taking a moment to dust off her leggings before walking over to the new arrival and extending her hand .

"Uh... hello, I don't think we've ever spoken before," she said, her voice coming off weakly after her sudden sobbing. "Your name's..." She paused briefly, trying to recall the visitor's name. "Your name is... Dorothy, right? Dorothy Shelley?" She smiled, trying to come off as warmly as possible. "I don't think we've talked before. My name is Penelope, it's nice to meet you!"

She looked between her extended hand and the crouched visitor, only to take the hint that she was not up for a greeting handshake and lower her own hand. "Ha... I uh... I just wish our meeting was under less... dire circumstances." She chuckled, awkwardly, averting her gaze and rubbing the back of her neck with her hand.

"Oh! And um... to answer your question... uh... yes... the body..." She looked back at it only to quickly turn her gaze away again and inhale sharply. "The... the body over there used to belong to my boyfriend. He... he died nearly a week ago, and I... I just found him."
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