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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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((Alba Reyes continued from The Ones You Trust))

Alba sat up on the bed as the announcement played out. The sound woke her up and she immediately got into position, ready to hear what was coming up. Ty wasn't on the announcements, nor were Bryony nor Kimiko. It was hard to hear Brendan get credited for Jaime's death, just as it was to hear that Fiyori killed someone. The announcement said Brendan killed Jaime after a fight. That told Alba that they were framing Brendan as a villain, so it was likely people would come for him.

Yesterday was a quiet day, but it wasn't an effective day. They had wandered around, but they didn't find Ty. They eventually met Jon and went into the asylum for the night. Alba locked herself in one of the wards and slept awkwardly. It had been a rough day after seeing Jaime die and Jon nearly kill Brendan. She wasn't sure how much sleep she did get, but she had to hope it was enough. They had a lot more searching to do today, and she needed to be sure that Brendan and Jon were still with her so that she could join them in their quest.

Alba stood up and stretched a bit. She then grabbed her pants and hoodie off the floor and put them back on. After a week of wearing the same clothes, she wanted to dress down a bit as she slept. It didn't help much, but she was alone (relatively) and wanted to do something to make her feel a little more comfortable.

Granted, she was tired, hungry, her teeth hurt, and her hair was a greasy, ratty mess. It wasn't likely she'd get to deal with those any time soon, so she tied her hair back and took comfort knowing that if she did get off the island, she'd make sure she bathed every day and take better care of her teeth.

She grabbed her bags and the rifle, then walked out and towards Brendan's ward. She walked to the door and knocked.

"Brendan? Can I come in?" she asked.

She quickly glanced around the hall. It didn't look like anyone was around, but getting out of the hall would surely put her in a more peaceful state.
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