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Enzo went quiet for a couple seconds. Coleen didn't have to add the follow up of an explanation for what she really meant. If it wasn't just a matter of time before they had a happy, miraculous rescue, then it was only a matter of time before they all killed each other. Sometimes it was hard not to think that it was inevitable. They'd been with Cam, and she'd died. Then with Blair and Alba, and Blair had killed, then with Col and Olivia, and Olivia had died.

It was a lot of goddamn dead people.

"No way. I'll be taking the poker world by storm," they answered flippantly.

They both knew that it was just, well, coping. They both knew that it was just a way of trying to distract each other from the fact that Olivia was dying or already dead next door. What else was there, though? It was that or just roll over and die, give up, after they'd persevered for so long and so hard.

"Yeah. Sure, give me a second."

It'd been a while since Enzo had had their own hair long, but back then, they'd experimented a lot, tried out different things. It was kind of weird trying to map putting your own hair in a bun to looking at the back of someone else's head, but they got it after a couple of goes, pulling back Coleen's hair and tying it up.

"All right, there we go," Enzo wasn't sure what was prompting Coleen to wear her hair like this; they knew about the burn, sure, but Coleen rarely if ever had it out and open. Maybe it just didn't seem like as much of a priority to conceal it with all the crap that was going on.

"So, where to next, Goomba?"
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