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There was smoke flying through the air, the wind of the ocean carrying it. Perhaps Alessio could still lie there. But nature couldn't cause this fire. The smell of burnt wood filled Al's nose. There was a human somewhere near him. He stood up.

He put the bag onto his shoulders, gun in his pocket. It was getting late. It was a good thing Alessio could spend much time alone, without his classmates, competitors. Everytime he had to deal with other people on the island, it was harming him or them. Being alone also sucked, but he got used to it. It was less stressful than dealing with a-

Tired and worn out Emma, who ate. what. the. fuck.

Alessio would have puked if he could.


As Alessio walked the beach and came nearer Emma he saw what she had done. He assumed she ate a dead bird she found lying on the beach somewhere.

"What the fuck is this you're eating?"

They had crackers. They had crackers, and she picks up dead things from the island.

"Just go away from here. Leave me alone."

He pulled out his gun, pointing it on the sand.
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