"We tried to be better, but we aren't. I don't think anyone could last more than a week here if they weren't willing to do bad things." - Alba Reyes

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((Dorothy entered this tragic dream))

Memory problems? Check. Well kinda. She didnít remember what happened last night. She knew she stabbed Hazel for Jae and got hit in the head for it. After all of that, she couldnít remember anything. She stumbled around, searching for a place to sleep. She didnít know why her dazzled-self thought it was okay for her to sleep facedown outside but she made it through the night.

Confusion? Check. She lost herself in her thoughts. She tried to listen to the announcement but she struggled to keep track of the names and the killers. She got one thing for sure: Hazel didnít die and not to head in a location at the asylum. She wondered if Hazel was okay. She didnít know where she stabbed her but she was probably in pain and being taken care of by Min-jae. She still hadnít figured out why he, of all people, smashed her head and almost knocked her out.

Drowsiness? Check? She did feel quite a bit drowsy and sluggish before sleeping but that was kinda normal. She spent the day up, spent also the night up, and survive on a little amount of sleep. She was still sluggish but that could be her body not adjusting between the difference of sleep and awake.
Nausea? Check. She vomited her morning meal and the meal before that. That wasnít a good sign. She could have choked on her own vomit when she fell asleep. Thatís a horrible way to die, isnít?

Sensitivity to light and noise? Half-check. Light wasnít the issue. But noise? Fuck, it was killing her. When she heard the announcement, it felt like the sound was going through her brain and destroying it bit by bit. As if the waves were bouncing inside of her head, seeking for a way out until they either found one or made one.

Did she have a concussion? Possibly, yes. Was that the most urgent issue at the moment? She wished it was.

But it sure didnít help her mood. She was grumpy so when she heard some cries, she didnít feel anything but irritability rising in her. Being so sensitive to sound, that was the worse. It felt as if their voices were hitting her in the face.

She raised her left hand to her face and she swatted her own pesky hand away. It was bruised because of what Jae had done to her. She didnít know what was worse, the pain she felt inside of her or the pain she felt on the outside. Thinking about it, it was the outside pain.

She didnít feel much anymore. She was probably numb. She had to be. To survive, you had to become numb and become uncaring. If Dot personally cared each time someone died, she wouldnít be alive. Even if she were still alive, sheíd be crying at someoneís side like a sitting duck. Dot felt like she was becoming a monster out of a nightmare. She thought about it but she ended up choking on that idea. She needed to concentrate.
As she stepped inside of the room where she heard the human noises, she saw something quiteÖ odd. A scene kid with a red streak in her hair was hugging another scene kid with blue hair with a fitting blue outfit in front of a decaying corpse.

ďHi, Iím not in the mood and I think I have a concussion so donít,Ē she slumped on the wall, ďÖso donít annoy me, okay?Ē

She raised her right hand, putting the back of her hand against her forehead and closing her eyes. Her fingers were wrapped it and, while she told them her intentions, she hoped they wouldnít try to mess with her.

Her eyes rolled in their sockets. Fuck, she was being so vulnerable in front of a group of people she didnít really know. Any of them could run up of her and shove her to the ground and kill her on with her own blade. She opened her eyes then blinked several times. Oh, they were really doing that.
It wasnít a hallucination. They were really hugging in front of a rotten, smelly, gross, bug-infested, melting, molding, disgusting corpse.

Ew, gross.

ďAm I interrupting something? IímÖ sorry, was he someone important?Ē
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