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(Keith Bauer continued from Topic Title)

Keith sat on one of the benches and to his surprise it held. Alice hadn't been that lucky when he'd come across her the last time he'd been here. And Alice was still alive, along with Sandra. Ty was too, as far as he knew. Although Ty must have wised up like Alice and Sandra and taken off on him.

It made sense on some level. When it came to surviving murderous classmates he probably wasn't anyone's go to guy. He wasn't all that strong. He wasn't armed. Heck he wasn't even that good of a conversationalist to pass the time with. He hadn't seen anyone for the past day though, and he was unsure if that was a good thing or not. On the one hand if he met no one, no one could kill him. On the other, his rough sleep schedule had gotten even worse when he realized that if he slept anyone could come by and slit his throat.

His eyes felt heavy behind his glasses.

He leaned over slightly as the familiar gnawing ache in his stomach turned sharp.

He waited a few minutes. Sometimes it faded, but this time it got worse and worse.

Keith's hands trembled.

With speed that surprised him, he unzipped his bag and grabbed the half a ration bar he had left. It was the only food he hadn't eaten. Before he could even think about trying to save it longer it had made its way past his lips and into his waiting stomach.

His hands gripped the bench underneath him. His stomach grumbled. It wasn't enough.

He breathed faster and tried not to think about how it wasn't enough. He wrapped his arms around each other protectively. He could feel goosebumps from the chill underneath the dirt and grime that had accumulated.

It wasn't enough to distract him. His teeth started to chatter, with his fillings making a light clicking noise.

It was the most nervous he'd been in his life.
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