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Hazel zigzagged around a few trees before her legs gave out. She fell to the floor like a sack of potatoes. Her black hair covered half her face as she lay quietly among the leaves and grass. She rolled onto her back and stared wide-eyed up at the stars with her hand clamped over her mouth, muffling the occasional whine or gasp of pain. The wound was deep. The other girl had buried the knife up to the hilt in her right under her left ribs.

She loved them too much to have them watch her die, even if it meant she had to die alone. It wasn't so bad dying alone, because she knew that there were people who cared and just because they weren't right in front of her, didn't lesson their feelings. She loved them more than she loved herself, it made her happy to know that they wouldn't have to sit through the whole song and dance. Oh no, you're dying. Oh no, how sad. A thousand death scenes in a thousand plays.

As the color started to leave her once rosy cheeks and her hands became cold and heavy, Hazel could hear Min Jae trying to find her. Her glassy eyes didn't move from their position, reflecting back the scintillating sky. She felt bad about leaving Jordan, she didn't even say goodbye. He was such a good friend, they had so much fun together, even if half of it was just pretending until the fun became real. She hoped both of them weren't too mad at her and she secretly hoped Min Jae would find her after all just so she could see him one more time.

Hazel moved away some of the leaves by her hand and drew a heart in the dirt with her index finger. Her other hand fell away from her mouth.

Hazel Jung: Deceased
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