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Penelope stared at Sam's corpse, unable to take her gaze away.

The fetid smell of rotting meat was awful, the look of the body's bloated and off color skin even worse, but the worst part were all the horrible emotions welling up inside her.

There she was, sitting right in front of the vessel that used to house her boyfriend. There she sat, in front of the greatest reminder that he was gone now, forever. She had known for a long time that he was dead, she had found out near the very start of this twisted game, but seeing his body brought all of the feelings that she had felt when the announcements had flared to life all those days ago right back to the forefront of her mind.

She let out a wail as tears rolled down her face, stifling the noise with her hands as her body shook with her sobs. She had wanted to finally stop crying at every little thing that hurt her, but this was far, far too much for her to be able to handle. Sam didn't deserve this, none of them really deserved this. Even that Jae boy, who she would gladly see rot in a prison cell for the rest of his life, didn't deserve all of this.

She covered her face and punched the floor below her in rage, her hand painfully protesting in response. Thinking about Sam's killer did nothing but anger her, which wasn't any better than the horrific melancholy she had been stricken with this entire time. She needed to try to be strong, now more than ever. She couldn't possibly make it to the end for everyone's sake if she kept letting things–even really horrible things–upset her. She couldn't let herself be weak, she had to stay determined if she wanted her morals to mean anything. She needed to stay determined if she wanted her entire life to mean anything. She wasn't going to just be a number, she needed to show them that they were wrong.

Penelope inhaled sharply and held her breath, her sobbing ceasing shortly after. She exhaled and looked up at Raina, glad to see that through everything, her friend was still right here beside her. Even if she had nothing else, she would always have Raina. Raina would never leave her out in the cold.

She brought her friend in for a wordless hug, doing her best to keep her composure in spite of the wild mix of emotions trying to overcome her.
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