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So that was the thank she get. She stabbed a girl that attacked him and she gets hit in the face then shoved around.

Normally, she would have thought about rude that was but the pain stopped her from thinking any deeper. She put her left hand on the side of the face that was a stumbled away.

Her ear was making that weird sound. She tried to remember the name, it was a very complicated and ugly name. As she walked away in zigzags, she tried to remember.

Tetanus? No, that was when you get stabbed by a knife in the dark.

Tinnitus? Yeah, that was it. That was when you were hit by someone you thought was your ally.

As much she wanted to raise her taser and shoot Jae in the back, she started to feel dizzy. Her head really hurt and her neck hurt too. She couldn't have known that Jae was going to punch her so she wasn't able to protect herself. Her neck had twisted in a painful position when he hit her.

She was out for the night.

((Dot continued her nightmare.))
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