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Dot was wrong.

This was a bad situation. At first, it seemed like two friends meeting after a long period without seeing each other. They could have embraced, kissed, hugged or even smiled at each other and Dot wouldn't had cared one bit. She would probably be smiling and be happy for them. Two friends meeting after a while, how nice. A very nice thought. A very, very, very pretty event that could have been captured right in front of Dot's eyes.


Dot was wrong.

This wasn't a lovey-dovey meeting. They didn't kiss. Ran to each other, their arms wide open in slow motion. No, the girl blinded them with a flashlight. She was crying or something. This wasn't a pretty and cute meeting. She was angry and Jae was, well, himself. Dot started to dig her fingers into her knife. She then heard the sound she didn't want to hear.

It wasn't gunshot or anything. Yet, Dorothy still jumped when she heard it. It was the sound of a fist hitting someone's face. The knuckles cracked, Jae probably smirk, raising his hand to defend himself.

Dot didn't allow that to happen.

She stepped forward and elbowed Jae out of the way. Maybe she went a little too hard and hurt him a little bit, but she was doing it to help him so that was the right thing to do. A girl on TV punched another girl in the face to stop her from drunk driving. Was this similar? Yeah, kinda. Or totally not, but she felt it was appropriate to think about. She was defending Jae even though she kinda hurt him and she may have opened a wound or two.

But who cares?! Obviously not Dorothy, who was now lunging on the girl, knife first.

The stab connected, landing somewhere on the girl's body. Dorothy, having the advantage, made Hazel fall backward and landed on her. Her knife still in hand, she struggled to get it out of the girl's body but once it was done, she was ready to stab her again.
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