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i'm not upset
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She felt around behind her, hitting the canvass of her bag. Hazel dragged it in front of her and alternated quick looks. Up at him, down at the bag, back up, back down. She found the flashlight and flicked it on, pointing upward towards the mass.

Tears trickled down her face steadily seeing his blinking, confused face. She covered her mouth to muffle the sound and clumsily got to her feet. The beads clinging to her eyelashes blurred with the sudden light, making him something of a water color smear. She hiccuped and moved the back of her hand across her face, dropping the flashlight. It clicked off and it was dark again.

Her heart ached and she swallowed hard. He spoke and she felt her hand clench. She walked towards him.

"You should be," she said a little too loudly, a little too casually. He'd abandoned her when she was at her most vulnerable without a word, just left her while she was asleep.

Hazel punched Min Jae square in the left cheek.
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