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i'm not upset
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((Skipping around to get this done, apologies!)

Her eyes snapped open and her head whipped in the direction of the noise. The slight butterflies in her stomach soured and died.

Her breath caught in her throat, her eyebrows knitted upward in concern. She pulled away and drew her hand back like Jordan's skin was a stove top she'd touched.

"I-I'm sorry," she whispered, panicked.

Thoughts were zooming around in her head and crashing into each other. Happy he was back, bitter he left her to begin with, scared that he had killed two people, worried about him. Hazel's eyes welled up as she looked out into the darkness, waiting for him to materialize.

Hazel fell backwards away from the source of the sound, still staring. Her eyes narrowed and the tears threatened to spill over. Hazel was frozen to the spot.

Hug me, don't kill me, I hate you, stay by my side, go back to being my friend, talk to me, leave me alone, be my last memory, wait for me on my break and we can smoke, you're a murderer
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