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Act I - Acqua Azzuro, Acqua Chiara

((Alessio Rigano continued from This Nearly Was Mine))

Hit first, regret later.

On the beach Alessio was lying. Next to him, was the bow. In his pocket and bag were the gun and the hammer. Some steps further, there's the cave. Alessio was far away from the center of the island. He was far from civilisation, he was alone, and that was good. He never wanted to go back to the burnt building where he killed his friend and where Vanessa's beautiful body would lose her beauty.

He killed Maxim. He did not knock him unconscious. It was a crack. Maxim's face had looked so angry and dangerous. Evil. But after Alessio hit Maxim with the hammer, it looked. Ew.

That was not the plan. Violence against Maxim was not the plan, but he did it anyway. Alessio slided his hands through his curly, unwashed hair and closed his eyes. He pressed his eyelids as if that would help. Alessio could not convince him through words. Failure.

What could he do? He overthought stuff. Perhaps he should just let it flow, instead of planning stuff and worrying about things he shouldn't worry about, because he had no control over it and never will have no matter how hard he tried. He did not need a plan. He just needed to sleep, relax, waiting for the end to come naturally. Be spontanous.

Alessio opened his eyes to stare at the sky. It felt so surreal. He was in pain. No part of his body was okay. He did not feel comfortable as he did at home. Alessio thought about home, but he couldn't really feel home. He could not describe what was different. How he felt with no pain. He couldn't recall how he felt clean. What feeling it was to feel clean.

Lonely. That's how it was. Everyone around him was dying. But now he was on the corner of the island and hopefully no one will harm him. No, actually he hoped no one would come so he couldn't harm them.
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