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In the end, Candice didn't enter the cabin. She didn't call out to the two inside or make a conscious effort to let them know that she was there.

Part of it was worry about them thinking they needed to defend themselves. No matter how nice they sounded from outside, it wasn't impossible that they might get the wrong idea if Candice were to suddenly pop up. No... even if they sounded nice, that was no guarantee that they were good people. That was the line of thinking that Candice needed to force herself to consider.

Even setting aside the matter of what they might have done to her if she tried to enter, it just felt... wrong? It wasn't a matter of asking to join, because she hadn't felt the same way about Brendan's group. It took Candice a while to put her finger on it, but she thought she had the idea now. The group she had found before, they had just been talking about utilitarian things. Where to go, what to do with bodies, shit like that. This talk, on the other hand, was so very personal. Like, not just "details about my private life" but instead something in the same magnitude as questioning your reason for existence.

It was a conversation that resonated strongly with Candice. And that was why she couldn't intrude.

Because if she felt that way, then they must surely feel that way as well.

It would feel like waltzing into some stranger's house, sitting down at their dinner table, and helping yourself to some food.

With that all being said, though, she was incredibly hesitant to just walk away. It was too good of an opportunity, and Candice couldn't help but feel dumb for just leaving it like that. So instead, she told herself that she would just check out the surrounding area for a bit. Give the two some space and then come back to meet up with them if they're still there. Hopefully something like that could happen.

((Candice Banks continued in Tea Party with Death at Dawn))
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