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Her anger flared, and she shouted right back.

"You scared?" She was the one hiding behind the door but y'know, she had a good reason for that. Part of her was pulling back, saying yeah, taunt the guy with the gun, see where that gets you. But she was pissed. Didn't know why exactly. Lot of whys out there. Because she was tired and grumpy. Because he figured he could order her around. Because he'd taken Aiden's gun. Or maybe because he was real fucking ungrateful - more or less - after Serena had decided to up and save him.

"Think I'll gun the engine if you come close? Or you just gonna stand there until she comes back to kill you?"

For the briefest instant, Astrid came again to mind. Her temper, that familiar sour expression, the dangerous look in her eye before either of them had known real danger, a death glare before they'd known death - and Mel knew at least one thing hadn't changed. Poking the bear, here.

Mel dove for the driver's seat anyway, keeping her head low, because she'd been plenty stupid enough already.

But there was no response. Not even another shot as the engine turned over, as she leaned over the steering wheel and thought for a moment she might as well do it, ram right into him, just crumple this car and turn the two of them into bloody smears on the tower - for Aiden, for the others Matt might hurt, to keep Serena from stewing in the revenge she'd no doubt promised herself - and then she turned the wheel to the side and peeled out.

((Melanie Beckett continued in Knife to the Canvas))
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