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There'd been a few things keeping Ty going these last few days. Anger. Hate. Hope. Love. Stubbornness. Could pick your poison. By now they'd all misted up into different people. He could see them there in the room, hovering around him.

Conrad. Brendan. Isabel. Harry. Bee. Lizzie. Atsa. Marcus. Mom. The old man. Chaplin. Hell, even Beans.

Everybody'd spent some time on his shoulder these last few days at one time or another. Holding him back, urging him on, calming him down. He'd seen it all from time to time, most clearly when he was all strung out from not sleeping. Nah. That wasn't quite true. He'd seen it all most clear when he was sleeping. Matter of fact he'd just about run into a vision of that relaxing over here. He could feel it in his bones, that weight of everybody who meant so much to him creeping closer and closer in. Even when his eyes shut tight to try and think, Ty could see them all real clearly. Right back into their eyes. Especially the eyes as they drilled in around him.

Right 'round the circle they all looked at him the same way Clarice did.

His eyes were wet when he opened them back up to look at her. There was something in them now. Something real dark that he figured neither of them wanted to face, but here they were. His voice cracked as he spoke again.

"You ever wonder if you still got a home to go back to?"
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