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Dead. This was a mistake. Now he had two enemies - Serena and what's her name - to deal with. Later, he thought. He didn't feel much like killing anyone else today. The look on Aiden's face made him feel.. something. Not guilt but something halfway resembling regret and disgust.

Not at his own actions. Just that he'd let this get so out of hand. Serena was almost entirely out of sight, now. Why would he bother shooting her? She was going to be dead sooner or later maybe by his hand maybe by someone else's. It was pointless. He looked at her. The girl whose name he couldn't remember. She was reaching for her pocket.

Slowly, he started to raise the gun. So slow.

A sudden movement. Matt winced and fell backwards, firing a shot off. Towards the sun. Swearing he started to rise to his feet, pumping the shotgun and aiming it at her as she ran for the jeep. He kept staring. His finger was on the trigger but he wasn't firing.
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