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Nothing funny, Matt said.

Something had loosened within her chest, all the tension and all the doubt. Mel was standing there over Aiden's dead body, only halfway to tears, because she had to try too hard to keep from chuckling.

Aiden had jumped right off a building. Right off the tower - after he'd seen what happened to Barry and Jerry - and he'd still done it. For them.

It was crazy.

Then Matt had waltzed out when she'd turned to go for the jeep, and he said some words and they were the wrong words in exactly the right way. The words, the timing, that he was here and if not for Serena, Aiden might have died for something that was nothing at all. Nothing funny, Matt said. It was pretty funny. All of it.

And she was feeling a little crazy too.

"Okay," Mel said, and began to reach for her pockets, taking the measure of the gun with her eyes even while she felt adrenaline start pumping through her again - the gun there, her here, the jeep somewhere to the side. "Hey... don't you think you're the one with more to lose?"

In a single motion, she stripped off her jacket and ran for the car.
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