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He heard them talking. Outside. Great. Just great. It sounded like they were panicking. Talking about something, frantically. Slowly it dawned upon him that they were talking about Aiden. Maybe he'd signaled to them or something from the top of the bell tower. Stupid. He should've finished him off. He stepped outside and suddenly it became clear to him.

He saw Serena running off into the distance. Briefly he considered shooting her when she ran away but decided against it. Unnecessary. Then he saw him. Aiden, dead. Must have jumped off the tower or something. He couldn't possibly hope to understand why. He looked at what's her name. The one whose name he couldn't remember. Aiden's shotgun now Matt's was in his hands and he looked at her with nothing on his face. Not guilt. Not malice. Nothing at all.

"Alright, uh, the jeep.. throw me the keys, now. Nothing funny or I shoot. Okay?"

He muttered something under his breath. Aiden. Jumping off the roof. Making him enemies where he shouldn't have them.
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