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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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It looked like things were settled. Jon wasn't going to kill Brendan, Brendan wasn't going to kill Jon, and a truce had been made. However, it looked like just Alba and Brendan would be going out to find Ty. Alba would have protested, but she could see Brendan agreed with it. She had no idea what was in store, or if this would be a good idea or not. However, the boys seemed set on this, so Alba went along with Brendan.

"Yeah, let's go," she said to Brendan.

As they started to walk, she turned back to Jon.

"Please be careful," she said.

As they walked away, Alba patted Brendan on the back.

"You did well. I'm really proud of you."

She smiled a bit. Maybe this was the moment things would turn around for them.

((Alba Reyes continued in This Is The End Of His Story))
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