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Brendan was relieved when Jon hugged him back and that he was agreeing to go with him and Alba. Brendan didn't think that he could be able to do it. He actually thought he was going to fail and never see Jon again. But maybe it was the hug that caused it to happen. Brendan was not the best fan of hugs, but he took a risk into getting Jon to go with them. At least he finally did something right for once without it turning to violence and everything going wrong afterwards.

"Thank you, Jon, thank you."

Brendan felt like he was going to cry once more. Not tears of sadness. But more positive. More or less happy tears. But he didn't feel any coming. He had sobbed too many times before. So all he could muster up was a small, kind-looking smile as he glanced at Jon's face more clearly. This time he was not afraid to look him in the eye. He wasn't scared anymore.

Jon then mentioned that he had something to do first beforehand and that Brendan and Alba could go on ahead of him to find Ty. Brendan wasn't sure how to respond to that at first. Was it really okay to leave Jon alone for a while? If it is what Jon wanted, then it was the good thing that Brendan could do. If they were to become allies or friends again.... Right?

"I.... Okay. We're go on ahead and wait for you at the bridge. It'll be our meet up point." Brendan said, before pulling out of the hug gently and he give Jon a light nod of his head before turning to face Alba. "L-Let's get going, Alba. Be safe, Jon."

Please show up, Jon, please show up, please don't die....

((Brendan Harte continued elsewhere))
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