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Jon closed his eye and waited. He didn't say anything else, there was nothing that needed to be said. He wanted to see if Brendan was lying, if everything he said was true. One way or another, he'd find out, and he'd find out soon, even if it did kill him. Either Brendan would finish this here and now, or he'd leave again. All he wanted was some sort of closure, something to know. That's what made him angry, really. He didn't understand Brendan, and that was driving him insane. He didn't know if he was real in his pleas, or if it was just some sick way of fucking with him.

He waited.

"No. I will not shoot you, Jon. I will not be the same person who selfishly takes someone's life again."

Jon opened his eye and saw Brendan right in front of him. Jon tried to step back as Brendan closed in. Brendan grabbed him, what was-

He hugged him?

Jon didn't know what to think of it at first. Questions filled his head. He didn't understand... Brendan didn't kill him, but he didn't leave him. He wasn't trying to throw him to the ground, or take his belongings.

It was only a hug. Nothing more, nothing less. It shouldn't have any value coming from him... It shouldn't have meant anything. Jon listened to what Brendan and Alba had to say.

There were a lot of words that buzzed along his mind as he tried to think of what to say.

"Okay..." was all that came out.

Jon returned the hug.

"I'll go. I'll go with you."

Jonathan Gulley wasn't sure what to feel right now. He should be crying right now to be honest, but nothing was coming out. He couldn't really find an emotion that fit, he just didn't know. He couldn't understand what Brendan was doing, what he was thinking. He couldn't understand why he said yes. He couldn't understand what he was feeling right now, or what he should be feeling. He didn't know anymore.

He knew two things though.

"If you two want to go on ahead and see Ty, go on, I'll meet up with you."

He knew he wouldn't leave them again,

"There's something I came here to do first." Jon looked at the bedsheets he wrapped around himself.

and he knew he had something to finish.
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