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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Coleen looked up from where her head rested on her arms, folded across a pair of knees tucked closely to her chest. The song had lost its strength and luster a while ago, though she hummed some of Vanessa's guitar licks here and then. She felt Brady in her feet, and B.B.'s groove in her stomach. Cameron was in her heart.

Since her back had been to the doorway, Enzo had come from behind her. All of her survival instinct and know-how beaten into her over the last few days told her to be uncomfortable to an opening left like that, but logic said that Enzo wouldn't hurt her, and Coleen was confident in that. She only hunched her shoulders an inch or so at their approach, and turned her chin up to look up at her classmate.

"So... Olivia. How is she going to be?" Coleen asked, quietly so and without expecting an answer.

"... This will stop happening eventually. It won't be long."
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