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I shouldn't be sticking around here.

It wasn't quite right to say that that was how Candice felt. Rather, it was how she thought she should feel. As in, "you were looking for someplace to hole up by yourself, you won't find that here, get your ass in gear and start looking somewhere else". It felt like that should be her reaction, but it wasn't.

Specifically, it felt like that would be the "smart" reaction. But even so, Candice couldn't tear herself away from listening to the conversation going on in the cabin.

Not accomplishing anything.

Not doing anything meaningful.

Just marking time.

They all felt that way as well.

She stood up. The "smart" course of running off to who-knows-where was still an option for now. But still, she didn't quite want to leave.

Besides, what do I know about making decisions, she thought as she hesitated outside the door.
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