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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Alba remained where she was as the boys continued to talk. She was so afraid that things would turn sour no matter what was said. Brendan was restraining himself really well considering what Jon was saying to him. She was worried Jon might say or do something that could change Brendan's tone instantly, but that didn't seem to happen.

Jon then asked Brendan to kill him, dropping his weapon. Alba tensed up. She knew that another kill, no matter what excuse was given or how it was stated on the announcements, would put a larger target on Brendan's back. At the same time, killing a friend would be something absolutely terrible for Brendan to go through. He was already feeling guilty for the three deaths he caused, and repeating his murder of Bernadette would probably break him further.

To her relief, Brendan hugged Jon, making a final plea with him. She exhaled a bit. She hoped Jon could finally be swayed, and maybe this would be the moment that they all walked away from this place in peace and towards wherever Ty was.

"Please," Alba muttered to herself. "Please just go our way..."
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