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I'm going to throw my two cents in here.

As you might have gathered from the logs Toben posted, staff marked my character Scout Pfeiffer as inactive. A pm was sent through SOTF_Help as I was in the middle of writing a post. I was distraught about the situation, and I sent the response without really thinking. The response was short and panicked. If I were given the chance to do it again, I would have chosen my words better, but I can't change what's in the past.

However, regardless of the circumstances or the wording, there is no requirement for what your appeal should say. It just says that you have to respond in three days, or seventy-two hours. So by the written rules of the site, my appeal is considered an 'official' appeal. So I do not understand why staff is making the distinction between my appeal and an 'official appeal'.

I also do not know what lead to the decision of accepting my appeal. I certainly have no clue how many members were involved in the decision. But the fact that staff feels they are allowed to just up and decide to repeal a decision made through SOTF_Help, the mediary that represents staff as a whole, is just plain wrong.

My big thing about this is that staff has taken the stance that the decision was made without any 'staff deliberation', effectively distancing themselves from any responsibility in the mistake. Before proceeding to lump the blame onto me by bringing up the fact that I approached a staff member asking them to check Help and insinuating that I was putting 'pressure' on them. That claim is laughable, frankly. It's been my habit to poke a staff member whenever I send help a message. I've been doing it since V4 and not once have I been reprimanded for it. In fact, staff has gone out of its way to make an announcement denouncing inappropriate conduct with staff, and yet they make the point of mentioning 'it's fine to approach us to ask us to check the SOTF_Help mailbox'.

And yet I am being punished for following the rules and expectations of the board? It's my fault that staff made a mistake?

Now you could make the argument that my opinion should not matter, not only because I am not staff but because this deals directly with one of my characters and that is a pretty biased position to be in. I can understand that line of logic. However, even if I had no part in this, if I were instead a third party who was just learning about this, I know my opinion would be the same. This sets an unfair and quite frankly scummy precedent. I do not think staff realizes the severity of this situation.
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