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The look on her face was nothing but pain and the determination in Enzo was brittle.

Olivia knew what the score was, or at least, knew what she thought the score was, which was pretty much as good as. And Vinny knew, more than they could vocalise, or tell a camera, or put into a thousand vines, that this wasn't their choice to make.

It shouldn't have been a choice in the first place. It was completely fucked that anybody had to make up their mind how okay they were with dying, how little or how much they wanted somebody to help them.

But it was still the choice that was on the table, and Enzo couldn't take that away from Olivia, no matter how much they wanted to. Sooner or later it was out of your hands. Enzo could rail against Fiyori, they could scream about what Alessio had done, that Blair had wound up killing Georgia Lee, about Irene and Abby and Cams and...

They could rail against that. They could put up the fight against this place, and what it was doing to people, they could try and keep their hopes up.

But this was Olivia here, dying. Saying she didn't want their help anymore.

And they couldn't fight that.

Enzo's shoulders slumped.

"All right, Olivia. You win," they stood up, and as much as they wanted to look away, didn't. "Take it easy, okay? See you, uh, see you when I see you."

They managed a smile, and then stepped outside.
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