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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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She shook her head.

No more watching people die.

Coleen stepped outside the room and waited for Enzo to make their decision about what to do. She looked down either end of the hall and saw, for the moment, nobody. No gunshots, no screaming. There couldn't have been many of them left anymore, but the exact number wasn't available to her. If the voice over the announcements gave it, Coleen ignored it once she heard Georgia Lee's name. Somewhere down the hall, Cameron's body lay, still rotting. Arthur's was in the same room. Why return to this place?

What was worse, why was seeing corpse after corpse becoming less of a surprise? It made it feel all less real to her. She herself felt less human... a bad way to be, but she was starting to see it as the only way to cope. The only way to survive.

She hadn't sung in a while, come to think of it. Coleen hadn't felt a musical note in her heart since learning of Cameron's death, but as she fiddled with the hair tie in her hands, flexing and relaxing her fingers and feeling the gentle tug of the elastic band, some battlefield muse was willing to push aside the rubble and rotten flesh to reach her. Her voice cracked on the first few notes, but she sang one of the first songs Cameron had taught her down there in the basement.

"You could be the man of my dreams
But dawn is breaking and dreams are fleeting
All of our quiet voices carry..."
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