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and they came back, Coleen and Enzo, and there they were, standing over her, almost scratching their heads and shrugging their shoulders because what now? What to do for the dead girl?

"I.. I don't know."

And it was really, really sinking in now that she was the dead girl, she was the next name on the announcements, she was the next corpse you'd pass by in the hallways, the next sight to avoid and turn your head at, the next person to enter your nose and enter you and become you, and God how she'd longed to fit in back in elementary school, middle school, high school, just fit in and be normal and be like everyone else, and now she'd be like everyone else, rotting, decaying, she'd be like everyone else, and this wasn't how she'd planned on fitting in, so she chuckled and chuckled and then coughed red onto her chest.

And then she'd be the next Abby, and people would stumble upon her corpse and they'd see her and smell her and they'd scream and run and they'd see her face every time they blink, in their nights under closed eyes, they'd see her, and she'd never leave, never ever until they die, and no no no


she did not wish to inhabit Coleen and Enzo's minds for the rest of forever, long or short that forever may be, she did not wish to haunt them, stay with them, not that way, no. And look, there they were, standing over her, and their eyes looking at her, pitying the dead girl, and when she looked at them, she knew that, no matter how god oh god she wished that they could put her back together, wrap bandage after bandage after bandage until she stopped leaking until she felt like a broken vase put together with tape or glue, no matter how much she wished for them to do that, no amount of tape or glue would ever keep her together, and there was no sense in their being there, so just rip the bandage off, throw it in the corner, let her bleed and

"Leave. Please leave," she said in as strong a voice as she could muster.
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