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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Coleen stopped before the window. It would take too long to pull the AK out of her bag. She wasn't feeling very much like a Spartan about her ability to throw a spear and hit its mark. Fiyori had gotten away, and she had gotten away after shooting Olivia for reasons none of them would ever understand and after watching Georgia Lee slowly fade away for the very same reasons.

The same girl who just the day before, Coleen had pulled her from her breaking point. She had to be strong for so many people and when she couldn't keep it up, she never expected for somebody to be there and take her role. Coleen turned to look at the two others in the room. Olivia had taken a shot somewhere in the abdomen, but there was so much blood it was hard to tell where it was all seeping from. None of the first aid in the world could fix that. She learned that lesson a long while ago. Enzo probably wanted everything they could to keep her with them. Enzo was a good person, Coleen decided. No doubt.

She quietly stepped on over, spear lowered to the floor. "... Now what...?"
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