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They had a plan, get the reward, roll around in a jeep and make sure none of these assholes get home. She thought they had been on a roll to this point, invicible, couldn't be touched. All of that was crashing down around her as she watched Aiden's crumpled form. Mel was talking about carrying him and saving him, but she knew there was nothing they could. Not with this much damage to him.

And that was all she could do as her friend of the last few days slowly died, he spoke out, speech slurred and almost incoherent. She could make out words, Matt, gun, on his way.

Matt did this? They just saved his life the day before and this is how he repays them? She felt tears form as she looked over Aiden's destroyed body. The upper half looking less so than the lower, and all of this because of her. If she didn't drive to this place, Matt wouldn't have had the chance to get the jump on him, if they just went along with him, maybe he wouldn't be dead, maybe that fuck would have been the dead one instead.

She watched and held onto his hand as Aiden breathed his last before finally, mercifully dying. She felt the tears forming in her eyes as she realised his stuff was gone, Matt must have done this because of the gun. Just like that, this is his repayment for that. They should have let Jerry have his way with him. Goddamn it all. "Aiden? I...I'm so sorry."

Her hands shook as she let go of him, they shook as she closed his eyes and as she forced herself up on her feet and took a few steps away from his corpse. "I...I'm gonna go pick up the re-reward, take the jeep and get away from here." It came out shrill and hard, it was all so difficult to say, a lump had formed in her throat and she didn't dare look Mel in the face as the words spewed out, They were all supposed to be in this together and now she was forcing her to leave without her. "We'll meet at the depot, now go!"

She ran now, tears streaming down her face as she left them behind at the tower, she looked like a mess and felt like a mess. But she felt a new resolve form in her mind, one that would have made her pause a few days ago. Make sure Matt never gets home. No matter what.

((Serena Waters continued On the Run))
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