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Maxim's legs locked together as Alessio's own aimed between them. No, he would never be downed in such a humiliating way. Especially not by him. Not now.

He sprung off the backs of his heels and barrelled into his former friend. The two sprawled over the ground in a heap as Maxim attempted to wrestled his fingers around the gun in his pocket. After a suspiciously long several seconds, at least for what was easily a life or death situation, he gripped his hands around it, pulled it from his pocket, and pulled the trigger at what was Alessio's head.

Before he registered even a single one of the mistakes he'd made, be it the reality of the weapon, the position near his own bag, or how open he had left himself as he dove for the gun, Maxim felt something collide with his throat. The power threw him off the other boy, in a haze of delirium and what was now a comparative lack of oxygen going down.

Maxim was no longer concerned with Alessio. His flight instinct had collided with the fight, and now he just needed to breathe. He lay on his back, grasping with ravaged fingers at his own throat. Gutteral gasps filled the air.

"ghrk!" Maxim tried to say something at the other boy, but only noise came out.
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I can't sing but I wrote you a song

Wrong notes but the melody's so clear

When I'm lost, I'm still close to gold

cause I found my treasure in you
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