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Brendan had to listen to Jon's words. Things weren't going how he hoped that they would. Why did he think that it would be so easy to try to change someone's mind about him? It wasn't. Jon still thought that he was that same person. Maybe he was right. But Brendan was serious about trying to change who he was. He couldn't go back to hurting other people again. He had done enough damage as it is. He didn't want to get that twisted feeling again like he did with Jaime. Never again.

And then Jon wanted him to do something. Something that he never wanted to do once more. He wanted Brendan to shoot him. He wanted Brendan to be a real friend and end things for him.


Do you really want to do that, Brendan?

"No. I will not shoot you, Jon. I will not be the same person who selfishly takes someone's life again." Brendan had stopped crying and now he was staring at Jon with a stern look on his face. "How could you ask me to do something like that? I'm not going to be that heartless bastard who does whatever he pleases. Don't you dare try to make me that person again, Jon. P-Please.... I don't want you to die."

He stepped around the rifle and he strolled towards Jon. He couldn't let Jon give up. He didn't want to lose a friend again. He was already broken-hearted about other people. He couldn't let Jon die. Jon was wrong, so, so wrong. Brendan did care about Jon. If he didn't, he would have just point blank shot Jon in the face.

He stopped right in front of Jon, clenching and unclenching his fists. He had to convince Jon one last time. He wanted this to work out somehow.

He wrapped his arms around Jon and he pulled himself into a gentle hug. He was afraid that Jon would push him away. But he had to do something. He couldn't just hurt Jon. He never wanted to.

"Jon, come with us, please. I don't want to lose you too."
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