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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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(Gming approved.)

When Jasmine was just a squirt in elementary school, she always preferred to sit at the front of the bus. No particular reason behind it or, well, her bus driver was nice but that wasn't exactly a convincing selling point. She didn't have any friends to sit with, well, corporeally speaking. In fact, nobody ever sat with her. Thinking back on it, she could not remember a single time where someone chose to sit with her. That was fine with Jazzy. It meant she always had a place to put her bag.

The bus driver was old, like, he had to be retired. His eyes were blood-flecked and had this long, unkempt galway that Jasmine thought was kind of gross. He always had the radio tuned to the same station, 97.9 THE KLUK. And there was this one song that always came on in the afternoons, when Jazz was riding the bus home and it was empty save for her and the driver, like magic or something.

For the life of her Jasmine can't remember the name of it, or the band, but you've heard it. Everyone's heard it.

"Oh I.

I just died in your arms tonight.

It must have been something you said.

I just died in your arms tonight.

Yeah. That song.

Jasmine always hated the 80's. Nothing but stupid perms and that new wave crap. (She kind of liked The Goonies though.) That song was no exception. he pumping synth (or did they use real pipe organs?) at the beginning drilled into her temples, it made her grind her teeth. It's just, like, so cliche and dumb. Why would anyone actively listen to this.

"I keep looking for something I can't get.

Broken hearts lie all around me

And I don't see an easy way to get out of this.

Ugh. Of all the songs to hear when you're bleeding out.

It wasn't the song's fault, if we're being honest. It was just the fact that, once she first heard it, she kept hearing it. She started hearing it ALL the time. At the grocery store, at school dances, at the convenience store where she worked for, like, two weeks over the summer. Maybe it was a joke. Maybe the DJ had some weird case of OCD where he had to play that dumb song every chance he got. But regardless she heard it. She couldn't get away from it.

It was a damned earworm, and not the fun kind. It was so melancholy too, like she even now could practically taste the bitter tears on her tongue.

Oh. Wait. Those were her tears. Nevermind.

"Her diary, it sits by the bedside table.

The curtains are closed, the cat's in the cradle.

Who would've thought that a boy like me could come to this?

Do you know how many people made amvs for this song? You'd need more than your fingers and toes to count them, Jazz can guarantee. People actually put this stupid song over their '10 SADDEST ANIME DEATHS EVER' lists. Bet they would be shocked to learn that the song is about having sex with a girl.

Yeah. Caedyn told her that. Because eighties, Jasmine supposes.

"Oh I.

I just died in your arms tonight.

UGH. Seriously. And it was very strange too. The two of them were in Caedyn's car, sitting outside an In-N-Out Burger. Kay always struck her as the type to love rap, reggae, that sort of thing. So Jasmine was stunned when Kay told her she L-O-V-E-D LOVED this song. Jasmine laughed, like, a bitter laugh. She told Caedyn that they couldn't be friends anymore. She meant it as a joke, of course, but Caedyn pouted at her and it made Jasmine cringe and mumble an apology.

"The heck are you sorry about?" Caedyn asked.

Jasmine shrugged her shoulder, staring at the mysterious stain in the floor mat. "It's just sad! Super sad! Dying in somebody's arms, like, who wants to listen to a song like that?"

Kay snorted. "You do know it's about sex, right?"


"Yeah. Every song from the 80's is about sex."

Jasmine squinted at Caedyn. Was she just pulling her leg? "Really? Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I read it online once. It ain't about literally dying. 'Dying in your arms' is a metaphor." She paused, for emphasis. "For when a dude busts a nut."

And then she waggled her brows and flashed a dumb, toothy grin.

This was before they started dating, like, seriously dating, but it's the moment she realized she loved Kay. Jazzy was pretty sure Caedyn was high though. Or she was acting like some stupid idiot who was high.

... Caedyn was looking down at her, all the color drained from her face. Jeez. And to think, Jasmine thought she was going to ditch her too. It was... comforting. That was the one thing Jasmine never understood; Caedyn was always so nice to her. She told her she had her 'downer' moments, sure, but when the hell did she ever

She never regretted dating Caedyn, It alienated away some of Jasmine's friends sure. Caedyn could be a real sweetheart but she could be a real cunt to people too. Maybe that kind of attitude was what Jasmine needed in her life. To set herself apart, to get herself out there. To stop playing so safe.

"I just died in your arms tonight.

It must've been some kind of kiss.

Jasmine wasn't sure why she started laughing. Something about the music in her head and the look in Caedyn's face and it just happened and there was no way to stop it. She held her stomach and kept laughing until she started coughing up a lung and she spat bloody flem onto the floor. She sobbed, like, ugly, snot drooling sobbing, but despite that Jazz managed to look up at Kay and force a smile.

"I should've walked away."

"C... Caedyn. I..." She shivered violently. "I really screwed up big time, didn't I?"
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