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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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Kimiko was just standing there. The fucking murderer was just standing there shocked, and if Caedyn's gun was loaded she could shoot her too. If she was thinking more clearly reloading might have been an option, or whacking her in the back of the head, or any plan of action to put this psycho out of commission.

That wasn't on the table right now though. Caedyn was off the ground running before the thought could even fully form. She shoved Kimiko out of the way as she ran with her eyes locked on Jasmine's slumped form.

It all came in blinks. Kimiko falling away, Jazzy getting closer, her body in her arms, the blood spilling over her arms that was so hot, too hot, that had to be good right, that had to mean she was still alive? "J-Jazzy," she croaked out and brought her in tighter. "It's okay little bird, it's okay, w-we're gonna..." What? Caedyn didn't know anything about first aid, let alone how to handle a fucking bullet wound. But maybe it was just worse than it looked. Any second now Jazzy would perk up a little and give her a hug and it would turn out she was just being dramatic. Jasmine couldn't die here.

She loved her. Yet she couldn't say anything more.
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