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'Don't leave,' Coleen wanted to say. But she was in no shape, nor mood, to protest anything Olivia, or Fiyori, wanted. Enzo's touch had calmed her down at least a little and she caged her breath in an attempt to control the sobbing. Up until now she had been able to hold to her preference of crying only when alone and being forced to break from that trend caused her to feel weak, as well as though she should have been ashamed for her display.

It was supposed to be others that suffered outwardly while she remained as a strong shoulder. Having it turned around on her felt... wrong. Like she was a child being coddled after some superficial injury.

Coleen understood the situation with Georgia Lee being dead and all, but there was no helping how she felt. And how she felt was that she strangely regretted talking Fiyori out of trying to kill herself. She pushed herself to her feet despite her physical and emotional exhaustion, but refused to turn to look at either Fiyori or Olivia.

They could go, if they wanted, but she had a funny feeling she knew how this story ended.
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