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Lana was gone. She always picked the smart thing to do, in any given situation. Here, right now, the smartest thing to do was to up and leave.

Marie picked up the phone one more time, and scrolled through the messages. All of them came from voices in varying degrees of distress, spoken through almost exclusively capital letters. Hit with a wave of nausea, she reached into her own pocket and checked her phone for any similar messages.

Nothing. Her father was still at work, and her other friends weren't very privy to the whole thing.

Marie sighed, and stood up, her hands shaking. Clutching the phone in her hand, she walked briskly through the door, ignoring the inquisitive remarks of the man behind the counter and stepping out into the light.

At the very least, she needed to return Lana's phone.

[Marie Bernstein continued elsewhere.]
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