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Jon stared at the ground as he listened to Brendan speak. Brendan seemed like he actually wanted to try for once. It almost seemed genuine, even. It scared Jon that he was actually considering hearing him out. Maybe Brendan did change... Maybe...

No! No, don't listen to him Jon, he's lying to you! He's lying to you again!

Don't fall for it.

"Okay... So I come with you, what happens next? You leave again to kill someone else? Like you did the first time with Jerry, or the second time with Bernadette? Who'll you kill next time? Alba over there? Or... Or are you gonna kill me next? Kill me before I wake up, call it a mercy killing? Or are you just gonna rob me of everything I've got, maybe leave a note that says it's for my own good and everyone else's, or some stupid self righteous shit like that?"

Jon couldn't let himself fall for it again. He won't let himself fall for it again. Brendan's been lying to him since he first found him, what's changed now?

"Y-you've said the same things over and over. I'm trying to do the right thing, or I'm sorry I didn't mean it, but everything you've done, it says the opposite. You can say whatever you want, but I'm looking at things you did, things I did. I wanted to help people, but I couldn't... I can't. I can't pretend to be the good guy anymore, so I don't see why you're still trying to. It doesn't matter what I do anyways, I don't matter... Even if I went with you, it wouldn't matter, you'd just do the same thing over and over. You say I've changed, but... At least I did change, for better or worse."

"You're still the same..."

Brendan said something else, something that hit him harder than Amanda's bullet. He mentioned him... He... he shouldn't have done that. He tried to apologize, he tried to reason that he just wanted to be a good friend. No friend would have done what he did.

"Brendan... No apology in the world can bring the dead back. You know that... I know that. I... I'm glad you found someone you can actually care about, not someone like me, someone you pretend to feel for, but... I've got nobody. You took it all away. I've got no one left to talk to, there's no one left alive I can relate to, they're all dead, and them I've seen them, and I've talked to them, I died too, but I can't anymore, because I'm still here. Nobody will let me pass on."

Jon dropped his gun, one of the bed sheets tangled around it and his shoulders fell with it.

"You wanna be my friend? You really want to do something right?"

Jon stared Brendan in the eye.

"Shoot me. Do something right. Do it for me. Do it for Amanda..."

Jon felt something that wasn't emptiness or regret for once. He felt anticipation, maybe... Just maybe he might see the people he cared about again.

"Your choice. I won't beg you..."

"You won't make me beg."
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